Let's help you get this job!

Take your cue from a few easy steps

Calling about an advertised position

Example: I'm calling regarding a job posting. Could you forward me to the individual who is responsible for hiring?  Prepare a short pitch for the hiring manager that details who you are, what you're interested in applying for and touches on anything memorable that may help your application to stand out. If you are directed to a voicemail, state your name clearly and spell the name if it is unique. Leave your phone number and best time to call back as well as the position you are interested in or have already applied.

Your appearance matters and so does your voicemail

Even if you are just dropping off an application...make sure when you head out the door, that you are well-groomed and appropriately dressed. You don't need to be in a suit, just make sure you look presentable. Making sure your Grandma would approve is a good guideline to follow. If you are leaving your number for companies to call-back, make certain that the message they hear is professional and not offensive. If you are leaving your number and getting no messages this could be why.

Get Ready for an Interview 

When you apply for a job in-person, you may be asked to interview on-the-spot, or you could be invited to come back at a scheduled time in the future. Because you don’t know when you’ll be interviewing, it’s always a good idea to take the time to prepare in advance. Note: If you are scheduled for an interview, arrive several minutes early to show them you are a good candidate. Click this link to learn about Boys & Girls Clubs.

Project Confidence

Keep your head up, maintain eye contact, have a firm handshake, and be confident. When communicating with a hiring manager, demonstrate that you are eager to get the job.

These four steps will help you to stand out and be a unicorn in a field of horses!